Thursday, December 20, 2007

Restful Week!

Bricen has had an upper respitory infection so we have been in since Monday. He stayed home with his daddy on Monday and we ended up taking him to the urgent care on Monday afternoon. He was coughing so bad and nothing would give him relieve. Bricen and I have been in since we got home on Monday. He and I both have gotten lots of needed rest. He and I are always on the go. We haven't known what to do with ourselves. We have been real lazy and watched a lot of TV and movies. He is doing so much better. We are so glad. We want him well for Christmas. He missed his last two days of school before his Christmas break so he was unable to go to his party. It was Jesus' birthday party. I thought that was really a cute idea. He has missed seeing all his friends.
We missed being able to go to Bryson City NC to do the Polar Express with April, Champ and Chloe. We were really disappointed but you have to do what you gotta do to get your kids well. April's cousin was going to go and meet her there with her child so our tickets would be used and she wouldnt have to go by herself. We had a free room at Harris Casino courtesy of April's mom. She got us a free comp room. I hate we missed that. Hope you guys had fun!
Today is my last day at home being lazy. Albert will be home a little later on and I have a few things I need to go do for work. I am trying to get the house clean today as well. I have done a little all week but today will be all the house work. Albert will be home with Bricen tomorrow. I have floor duty at the real estate office and then I am going to Carmen and Carmen where Alicia Howard works to have a peppermint manicure, pedicure and a eyebrow wax. My boys got me a gift certificate last year for Christmas and it is soon to expire so I will be going to get pampered before Christmas. I can't wait.
Bricen and I have had a good week. We have gotten some stuff done that I needed for Christmas presents.


Amy's Journal

glad you got some rest... see it ain't so bad is it.. ha ha enjoy getting pampered..