Monday, December 24, 2007


Friday morning Albert stayed home with Bricen and I went to work. I went and had my manicure, pedicure and eye brow wax at Carmen and Carmen that afternoon. I ran some errands and then I took my seniors from the YMCA to see the Real Christmas Story at Narroway Theater in Fort Mill. It was awesome. We had a great time. Bricen got to spend the whole day with his daddy. The got out to go to lunch and that was the first time Bricen had been out of the house since Monday. He is feeling so much better and very rested.
Saturday morning Albert and Bricen went Christmas shopping and off to work I went. I had to run around and put flyers out and a few signs. I had a listing appointment at 1:30 and my dad went with me and I got the listing! We left there and ran to Shelby to pick up Bricen's pictures with Santa that we had made at the park. We came home and we got my mom, Albert and Bricen and we took my parents to dinner at the City Tavern. This was our treat for my mom keeping our little man while we work. We left there and we went to McAdenville. We waited in line for a little while but it was well worth it. Bricen had a ball. We had a lot of fun. It took us about an hour to go through but Bricen was so good.