Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas with Gran and Granna

We went to Sunday School and Church. After church we went through the Wendy's drive thru and came home and ate lunch. Albert and Bricen both took naps while I ran around getting stuff together to go to my parents and I went to the grocery store for all our food for everything and everywhere we are going.
We went over to my parents around 4:00. We opened presents with the boys and wow was is wild. Sullivan is 3, Bricen is 2 and Addison is 1. So they had a ball. They all got different stuff so we said next year they would all get the same thing because they were fighting over each others stuff. They had a lot of fun. Bricen got a big truck that holds a lot of matchbox cars and trucks, a scooter, a travel magic water doodle and a pirate ship playset.
My grandparents Papa and Bebe came for supper. Albert sat in the kitchen with the boys and let them eat and watch Frosty the Snowman to help calm them down. After supper Papa and Bebe did Christmas with Robbie, Kristen and the boys because they are not able to be with us on Christmas. They also gave Bricen one of his Christmas presents too. They all got big trucks and they were wound up again running all around the house with their trucks. We took lots of pictures and they had a lot of fun.
My mom is going to have her hands full come the first of the year. Kristen is going back to work. She got a job at Crowders Creek Middle school as a guidence counselor. She hasn't worked since Sullivan was born all most 4 years ago. My mom will have all 3 boys everyday. So Gran and Granna's house will be very lively! Wow
We are home until 2:30 and then we go to Nona and Papa's (Albert's parents) to do Christmas with them. Its Christmas Eve and Bricen is so excited that Santa will be here tonight. He is having fun this morning playing with his new toys he got last night.