Sunday, December 30, 2007

Marriage Tip!

You can get so caught up in your everyday activity it can be so hard to make time for your husband. You are so busy with your kids you always seen to put him last but if your husband is like mine he needs attention like a child too. There is a difference in leaving your kids with a sitter or with grandparents every weekend but its nice to be able to leave Bricen every once in awhile to enjoy each other. It helps our marriage so much to be able to go out to dinner and focus on just eating and talking. I can see the biggest difference. I don't know how easy it will be once we have two kids but we have been able to leave Bricen with my parents or Albert's parents to go out to dinner or to go riding and we have a ball. By the time we have a second child Bricen will be older so that might help. We normally go do something every month. Even if it just to dinner. Our parents are always begging to get him so this is time he gets to spend with them too. Our 7th wedding anniversary is coming up in May. Time sure does fly by.


Amy's Journal

thank goodness for grandparents.. !!!!!!! it ain't bad with 2 either they still want them whenever!! so you'll stil have them begging! sage and ryan are so good together now that jan and tucks is there get a way to play and spend the night in the floor together on pallets