Monday, December 24, 2007

The Night Before Christmas!

We got home about 8:00 from Papa and Nona's. We had a lot to do before we could go to bed. Bricen had a letter in the mailbox from Santa that we read. Then he got his bath and we put his Christmas PJs on. We had carrots to leave on the sidewalk for the reindeer. Cookies and Milk to leave out for Santa. He told Elfie bye because he would be going back with Santa to the North Pole until next year. Then we headed to the bedroom to read the Night Before Christmas and The Real Christmas Story. Bricen was wound up and didn't want to settle down to go to sleep. So it took him a good little while to fall asleep. I had to go to my parents to get Albert's presents. They were to big to hide so I took them there. I got home and we put out Santa. We had fun getting everything put up. We didn't wrap a thing. Last year we wrapped and he was so interested in one thing he didn't want to unwrap the rest. Santa never wrapped when we were little so Bricen's Santa doesn't wrap either.
Then we had to pick up everything and get ready for breakfast so we wouldn't have that much to do in the morning. We went to bed about 1:30 and we were so excited about him getting up we couldn't go to sleep and we didn't sleep well.


Amy's Journal

gosh i wish sage didn't like unwrapping he pouted that that was all i want to unwrap more. we wern't gonna wrap that much but we saw him at miss jans and my momma and knew we had to wrap santa in special paper that he hadn't seen . kim gave me that idea. ha