Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Albert, Bricen and myself Christmas night at Albert's parents.

Albert's Family minus one of the twins who was asleep while we were taking pictures.

Bricen, Albert and myself Christmas morning at our house.

Papa, Nona and Bricen

Bebe, Papa and Bricen

Granna, Bricen and Gran

Bricen with his new Mack truck

Bricen getting all his goodies out of his bucket.
Bricen woke up saying Happy Holidays. We had to correct him and tell him that our family says Merry Christmas! He got in bed with us a little after 7:00. He didn't remember at first that Santa had came. He sat straight up in the bed and said Santa's coming. We laughed and said he has already been here. So we got up and went to see what Santa had left. He got in the den and he didnt know what to think. Santa had brought him the Cars garage and left most of his toys in there so all he could see was that garage and the shake and go race track which was outside of the tent. It was like he was in shock. Once he looked in the tent he saw his new Mack truck and he went crazy. He could have cared less about anything else but that truck. He wanted it put together. He got the cars pop up tent, shake and go race track with 5 race cars, mega blok mack truck, mega blok matter gas station, t-ball set, soccer goals with a ball, pump and cones, spiderman pop up game, candy land castle game, Diego's medical backpack, and a basket that has Bricen's Big Rigs on it for the car. We used cute buckets for our stockings and he had the Bee Movie coloring book, candy, gum, Shrek 3 and the donkey beanie baby, race cars, and a flashlight.
Santa was good to me and Albert as well. Albert got a coleman portable grill with a griddle for pancakes, 2 cots and a bucket full of Cds and goodies. Albert has that enclosed trailer and we are stocking it. So Santa knew just what to get him this year.
I got a gift card to Home Depot. I never thought that I would be excited about getting something like that but its for remodeling our house. I am very excited about getting to choose what we want. We have never gotten to do this before. We lived in my grandfathers farmhouse for 5 years before we bought the house we are in now. I got a pair of boots that I had picked out. They are my pink cowboy boots. They are brown and the tops are pink. I love them!! I also got a very sizeable gift card to Victoria Secret. Wonder what I can buy from there? Something that might help me get pregnant? Ha. I need new bras. Yeah!
We went outside to see if the reindeer had eaten their carrots and boy had they ever. A jingle bell fell off one of the reindeer and was laying on the side walk and a must have fell out of Santa's sleigh. It was a little blue 4-wheeler. Bricen thought that was so cool that he had fallen out of the sleigh.

After we opened presents we had my parents, Albert's parent and my grandparents some over for breakfast. We started this Bricen's first Christmas and we have been doing it ever since. This is like his time with just them and they love coming and seeing what Santa brought. Bricen had his picture made with everyone and then everyone was off and running to the next house. We had to clean up from breakfast and start fixing stuff we had to take to Albert's parents for supper. We left and were at my parents at 12:00 to do Christmas with my grandparents and Uncles, Aunts and Cousins. We got home at 3:00 grab our stuff for Albert's parents and back out the door we went. We went over there to visit Albert's cousins that live way off that were here visiting for Christmas. We ate dinner over there and we got home around 7:30. Boy were we tired. Bricen had not had a nap all day and was really tired. He had been telling up since about 11:30 that morning he was tired. We let him play and then he got his bath and to bed he went. Although I had to go in and rock him to get him calmed down to go to sleep. He told us he was done with bed he wanted to play with his new toys. Bricen has always been a child you just put him in his bed and he goes to sleep on his own. We started that when we came home from the hospital so it is very unusual for us to have to rock him. We had a GREAT Christmas. Just very busy! Hope you all had one as well!


Amy's Journal

you must have gotten those pink and brown john deere ladies boots i have been wanting but i just wont wear them enough right now to get my money out of them.. and you k now wes he said if you get a wheely you'll get your ware out of them. ummmm ha ha MEN


Glad you had a fun and full holiday... You are like us going all our different places... :)