Sunday, December 30, 2007

Rain Rain Go Away!

We have had a great weekend spending time together. Albert helped John and Mandy move into their new house on Thursday. I went by and got Bricen after I got off work and we went and picked up everyones supper and went to the new house to see what we could do. They were moving everything in. Albert took Bricen home and then it was my turn to help so I stayed and helped unpack stuff. Friday Albert had to take John to get some new furniture they had bought and do the last minute running around. Bricen had to go with him. My mom was keeping my nephews Friday and Saturday at their house in Dallas, N.C. My brother and sister-in-law went out of town for their 10th anniversary. So when I got off work at 1 I took everyone lunch and I stayed and helped out. Bricen was great. He ran around and played with the boys toys and watch movies on Uncle Johns movie screen tv. He got a 60 in wall hung tv and its awesome. Nona brought supper so we stayed and ate and then we came home. We all slept late yesterday which was great. Then we got up and went shopping. I can't tell you the last time we all did that. As mentioned in a earlier blog Albert got me a gift card to Victoria secret and they were having a sale so we went so I could get more for my money. I got to get 4 new bras. They were buy one get one 50% off and when they are $48 that helps when you can get one half off. They are the full body coverage uplift and they are wonderful. They have padding. Yeap the first bra I have ever wore with padding. Its near the bottom and its there to help give it a boost in the upward postion. When you wear a DD padding is not normally needed so I thought this was funny but the lifting is great. My husband was so excited he took before and after pictures which I will not be posting. LOL! They also had there panties on sale buy 10 for $25 so that was wonderful too. They are normally 5 for $25. Its been along time since I have dropped that kind of money in Victoria Secret but thanks to my excited husband it was his money! Albert treated us to the Longhorn for lunch. We had a great afternoon spending time together!

I wanted to say Rain Rain Go Away but we need it to bad. This was our last weekend before Albert starts fire training for the next two months so we were going to leave yesterday afternoon and go to Georgia. Well after what rain we had gotten up until yesterday we decided to go to Gaffney today because our 4-wheelers were going to be so muddy loading them into the trailer the trailer would have been muddy to sleep in for two nights. So Bricen went and spent the night with my parents last night. We got our stuff together and we went to dinner at Christophers in Lake Wylie. We left there and went to Alan and Jackie Abernathy's house for the YMCA Christmas party. Well it sure was a good time. It's been awhile since I have laughed that hard. They were having pick-ups but since we had a babysitter we took advantage of it and went to dinner and then took chicken wings for them to pick-up. We didnt get home until. I got up early and as I am getting out of the shower Pressley calls and says have you seen the weather I said no he said we are suppose to get a ton of rain today are ya'll sure you want to go riding. So we watched the news and when they said we were suppose to get 2 1/2 - 3 inches today we said we will pass. Albert has a waterproof outfit and he took me and bought me snowbibs that are waterproof but I dont think they would have been that waterproof. So Icalled my parents house to let them know we werent going and we would be over to pick Bricen up and while I am talking to my mom Bricen got his leg stuck in the crib at their house so we had to go flying over there to see if we could help and while on our way my dad came home and was able to help my mom getting his leg out. It scared them all pretty good. It was stuck at the knee cap. We ate breakfast with them and then headed home. We skipped church which we very seldom do unless we are out of town and I slept for 2 1/2 hours. I was hated we didnt get to go riding but it was kinda nice. I havent been feeling very well I am fighting a sinus infection and just feel crappy today especially since we didnt get in bed at a descent hour last night too. So the boys are napping and I am about to start packing up Christmas decorations. I love to put them out but I hate taking them down!