Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas with Papa and Nona

We hung around the house today for the most part. Albert slept late which he never gets to do. He didn't get up until 10:30. Bricen and I played with his new toys he got last night. We made cookies for Santa. Albert and Bricen had a few errands to run so I cleaned the house up so it would be clean for tomorrow. We left for Papa and Nona's house (Albert's parents) around 3:30. We were suppose to have been there at 3:00 but Bricen was still asleep and he was tired so we let him wake up on his own.
We got to Nona and Papa's and Max and Emma were pacing the floor. They were ready to open presents. So we gathered in the den and it was crazy. I dont really know what everyone else got because it was very overwhelming. Bricen got a blue Ford truck (like his daddy's) with as he calls it a horsey trailer with 2 4-wheelers to go in the back. Every trailer has a 4-wheeler in it if it belongs to him. He got the game Lucky Ducks, 2 new books, a dvd to help him learn his letters, a Clover Eaglet sweat shirt jacket that is really soft, a camo pullover with a matching hat and a bunch of stuff in his stockin. He got a big grave digger truck and a little John Deere airplane from Uncle Doug, Aunt Jana, Max and Emma. Uncle John, Aunty Mandy, Walter and Wyatt gave him 3 new shirts. Once Bricen opened up the truck and trailer we had a hard time getting him interested in opening up his other presents. We should have saved the truck for last.
After we opened presents we had pick-ups and the kids got to play with their new toys.