Saturday, July 21, 2007

We're Home!

We are home after a great week at the beach. Our week flew by. We had a house full. Gran, Granna,(my parents) Uncle Robbie, Aunt Kristen, Sullivan, Addison,(My brother and his family) Albert, Bricen and I. My aunt and uncle normally come home for the week at the beach. They live in Las Vegas and we only see them this one week. My aunt was promoted to from Assistant Store Manager to Store Mananger at a Dillards in Las Vegas!! We all missed them dearly. We have all been going to the beach for quit some time now.

We use to go to the beach as a family just the four of us. When Albert and I started dating he starting going too. He has been with our family on 11 beach trips. Most of which he spends his birthday at the beach. There was one year he had to work and was unable to go. It's a great family tradition and we hope to continue for years to come. We will have a lot of memories to share as the boys get older.

We had a great week. We hung out around the house a good bit. We would get up in the mornings eat breakfast and go to the beach for a couple of hours and then head in for lunch. After lunch the boys would take there naps. Once the boys went down for naps Kristen and I would head back out to the beach for 2-3 hours while the daddy's stayed home and took naps too. This was so relaxing. Once we got back to the house the boys would be up and most of the time we would let them play in the pool. We had a kiddie pool under the covered deck. This was a big hit with Bricen!

Monday evening we ate dinner at the house and Albert, Bricen and I went to Walmart in Shallotte N.C. and we drove to Holden Beach site seeing. We had a great time at the pier at Holden Beach.

Tuesday after naps we went to the museum and did a kids activity. We learned a lot about things that live in the ocean, sea turtles, toured the muesum and colored fish. We went back to the house and after we ate dinner Albert, Bricen and I went out on the beach and played and took lots of pictures of Bricen.

Wednesday late afternoon went to TGIF's for dinner. After dinner we went to the Wings store to get him a BOARD!! He wanted a boogie board like Sullivans.

Thursday Albert, Bricen and I went to the Bass Pro Shop, outlets, California Dreaming for lunch, and the John Deere Store at Barefoot. We headed back to the house for Bricen to get his nap. It was our night for dinner so Albert napped with Bricen and I went to the grocery store for things we needed for supper. Albert and I cooked and after dinner we all went and took pictures by the water way.

Friday- Our last day- We enjoyed our morning out on the beach soaking up the last little bit of sun and gritting the last bit of sand. Going to the beach with a two year old ha you better LOVE sand. We ate lunch took baths and I went to Calahan's my favorite store for souviners. After dinner Robbie and I went to fill up our truck, the Wings store (we got a new addition to our family from there-Hermie the Hermit Crab) You will have to ask Albert how excited he got about this. Ha. After leaving Wings we went and stood in line for ice cream for everyone and the line was long it took us 25 minutes in line. WOW, it was some good ice cream.

The car was pretty much packed last night so we got up, got ready, feed the kids breakfast, got the rest of the stuff together and we were out of there by 8:30 and we were in Lake Wylie at Christopher's by 12:15. We made great time coming home!!

We had a great week and we took over 600 pictures. So I am sure you will be seeing some of those as well!


Amy's Journal

hey .... love the colorful family pic of yall... glad ya'll had fun.. i can't wait to go but next yr will be better when marli is walking and table food.. :) sage was a blast last yr.. loved it..