Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy July 4th!!!

We left at 9:30 yesterday morning and headed to Boone N.C. My Uncle and Aunt have a house there. My grandparents have been married 55 years today! So we enjoyed resting there for awhile with my uncle Doug, aunt Georgia, my parents, my grandparents, great aunt Sis, cousins GeorgeAnna and Ellen. Albert didn't get to go he had to work. Bricen was a momma's boy for the past day and I have LOVED that. We got there around lunch time and we ate lunch and then Bricen took a good nap. After he got up we went to the Mast General Store to get him a prize. Then we went back to the house and Bricen got in the hot tub with all the women! After that we ate dinner and played for awhile. Bricen went to bed around 8:30 and then the rest of us hung out for while before turning in for the night. Everyone slept well and we got up and ate breakfast and then GeorgeAnna, Bricen and I headed back. We stopped at the outlets on the way home and did a little shopping. We hit all the sales. We got a lot for our money.
We got home with intentions of Bricen taking a nap so we could go enjoy some 4th festivities. I had a really bad headache and since things weren't go so well with that I made a few calls and we decided to spend the 4th at home. Well at 3:45 I finally got him down. He was kicking and screaming but he went to sleep with me laying beside him and he was crying. Albert and I also took naps and we got up around 5:30. Since it was later than planned and I needed to go to the grocery store to get something for dinner we decided to go to the Longhorn for dinner. (We told Daddy this was his birthday supper. I don't know when the three of us could go since we will be at the beach with the family on his birthday). After dinner we went to Home Depot, the Ford Dealership (we use to do this a lot when we were dating), and Target.
We headed home to enjoy the fireworks from our front porch. We had a great evening! Plan and simple and it was nice for us to spend sometime as a family.


Amy's Journal

u said in your profile you hope before long you will have another baby..... does that mean your ready!! yeay