Sunday, July 15, 2007

Today is my HUBBY's 30th BIRTHDAY!

What a way to spend your birthday! We have had a great day. We got up ate breakfast, got our bathing suits on and headed to the beach. Don't know if you have ever seen that show Yes Dear but we looked like the family walking across the road with all the beach stuff. We had a great time. The current was real strong and it jerked Bricen down one good time and he was a little unsure for awhile but he loved the "big sandbox". We took a blow up pool and he had a ball in that too. It is so much better this year he sits and plays and doesn't run off like last year. Cousins Sullivan and Addison had a good time. The weather is GREAT. It's not hot. Normally this week in years past its been in the high 90's. Looking at the weather for the week, the highest its suppose to be is 87. There was a great breeze on the beach today. We stayed out for a good while and then we came back in for lunch. After lunch the daddy's put the boys down for naps and the girls went back out to the beach for a couple more hours. We came in and we put the pool up on the deck and the boys had a good time playing in the pool. Then we went in and got baths and showers and got ready for supper. We had a great supper. We had steaks, chicken, potatoes, and salad. We had a couple of different people bake cakes for our vacation so we enjoyed a pound cake with cream cheese icing for Albert's birthday. After dinner we went for a walk to the local stores and we got the boys some prizes for being so good. Bricen got a boat, aligator and a shirt that he picked out himself. We got back from our walk and we had a little snack before it was time to hit the sack. We have had a great first full day on vacation! Happy Birthday Albert!


Amy's Journal

have fun.. i am jealious... hey ck out renees blog she has some exciting news... did you all get some sun yesterday.. i want some sun... i wish i could steal sage's ha ha... have fun!!!!!


Hope Albert had a good birthday... wow... he's so old! :)