Saturday, July 14, 2007

We're Here!

Hey we are here in Ocean Isle, N.C. We got here around 5:30. We sat in some traffic trying to get on the Island. It took us 1 1/2 to go 3 miles but we are here and Bricen did great! We left at 11:00. Bricen slept for 30 minutes and then we stopped for lunch at 1:30 in Darlington. Then we were back in the car until we got here at 5:30. So we did great only stopping 1 time. I am so glad I had bought the v-tech smile pocket. Bricen played with that for quite awhile. I couldn't get the DVD player to play so that was out for awhile then when we hit the traffic Albert messed with it and got it working. So Bricen got to watch Shrek to help the time pass while we were in traffic. We had a nice trip spending time as a family in the TRUCK. Thats right, momma's car isn't big enough to get us all down to the beach. So we bring the truck and then knowing that we have room I think I pack more than normal. So we got here and got everything unpacked. We ordered pizza for supper. After supper we let the boys play and then it was bath time. Since Bricen only got a 30 minute nap it made going to sleep so much easier than normal. He was out like a light! Well we are now enjoying just a little laying around time. I will blog more as the week goes on!