Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Valentines present!

Well plans changed this afternoon. Bricen and I were going to cook dinner for daddy but Granna called and wanted to come get Bricen. She missed him. So I picked up and did some cleaning and Albert came in from work. I was so surprised. I got a new camera case that I have been wanting and when I went to look in the case he had gotten me the flash that I have been dying to have. I finally have everything that I need for my camera and now I can take awesome pictures like a photographer. I can turn the lights out and take a picture and it looks like the lights were one. It's awesome! I didn't know that my husband knew what Valentines was anymore LOL. We haven't gone all out since before we were engaged. I think the last big present I got for Valentines day was when we were engaged and he bought me a vacuum since we were going to need one. Yes a vacuum. I felt bad. All I got him was a pair of shoes and some candy. He cooked dinner. It was great. Albert gets into the cooking shows and he is a GREAT cook. So the two of us go to eat dinner together and then we headed to the grocery store. Albert needed drinks for work and we needed diapers and wipes and a few other things. We got in the car at the grocery store and I said supper was very romantic but the grocery store was the best. LOL. Then we went to my parents to get Bricen. We visited with them for awhile. Happy Valentines Day! I will be taking pictures and posting them.