Saturday, February 2, 2008

I am so ready for everyone to be WELL!!!

Sunday afternoon Albert said I think I am getting a sinus infection. He sounded a little stuffy. We all took a nap and were going to Chucky Cheese when we got up. Bricen got up around 5 and we started stirring to get ready. Albert came out of the bedroom and said I don't feel very well. He said I can't go anywhere. I feel light headed. So he got back in the bed and I had a very disappointed child. We told him that we would go latter in the week but that didn't seem to satisfy him. So he and I headed out to get a movie and some supper from Wendy's. Monday morning rolled around and Albert still did not feel very well. He had been having some flu like symptoms. Bricen and I also stayed home because Bricen had a bad cough and I wasn't going to send him to school coughing and my mom had my two nephews and I didn't want to spread any more germs around. We all stayed in and Albert didn't get out of the bed. I knew he really had to be feeling bad. Men- they will never go to the Dr. By Monday evening I got Albert up to eat a little homemade chicken noodle soup. So I though he was feeling better and he planned on going to work the next day. We all slept late on Tuesday and when I woke him up he didn't feel as good as he thought he would on Monday night so he missed another day of work. I got up and got a shower and got Bricen ready and I took him to my mom's since she was only going to be keeping Bricen and not my nephews so I could get a little work done in case I was at home again on Wednesday with him since she would have my nephews on Wednesday. Albert had improved a lot by Tuesday evening. Wednesday morning came and Bricen seemed to be doing better and Albert got up and went to work and I felt a little weird myself. I was a little horse but got up and Bricen and I headed to Granna's. It was Granna's birthday and we had a cake and balloons so we went in and had a little party for Granna with Sullivan, Addison, Bricen and myself. The boys had a ball. I headed to work and worked a good bit of the day and then we went to dinner for my mom's birthday. I went to bed not feeling real well and woke up feeling worse. I couldn't hardly talk and my throat was sore. I had a closing so I took Bricen to my mom and headed to my closing. After my closing I ran a few errands and headed home to rest. Albert ended up coming home and taking care of Bricen and I and I slept most of the afternoon. I have had different symptoms than Albert. Bricen and I both took the flu shot so hopefully we wont get the flu. So yesterday my dad came and got Bricen so I could rest and after lunch I decided that I needed to go to the dr. So I was going to go the urgent care and the wait was over 2 hours so I just went to the family dr. in town. He doesnt do strep test but if I had to guess thats what I have had. My throat has been raw. I havent let my medicine wear off enough to know if I have had a fever or not. I have been too scared. Strep is one of the only things that can knock me off my feet. He said sinus upper respitory b/c he cant say strep because he doesnt do strep test. He gave me an antibotic and cough medicine. Albert got home from work and went and got Bricen from my mom. Albert has been a great dr. Bricen is still coughing and has a really bad runny nose. I slept on the couch from 7:30 last night until 7:30 this morning. Albert has fire training for the next five weekends Saturdays and Sundays so he won't be here to help today. I can't take my cough medicine and take care of Bricen. That stuff knocks me out. Albert's mom came by and took Bricen with her so I can rest today. I hope to be feeling better soon. I want our house back to normal. Needless to say we will be making a trip to Chucky Cheese this next week. We never made it this past week.
Several of our friends have been sick as well. I wonder if we passed germs around at the two birthday parties that we attended the past two weeks because those are the same friends who have had some of the similar things. Hope you are feeling better Amy and Jessica. Chris and Yamilet's family have been sick as well and Jessica's baby has had the flu too. Lets all get well so we can be around each other again!


Amy's Journal

I know isn't this crazy how sick we have all been at the same time.. Yeah lets get better!!!!!! Get Well!