Friday, February 8, 2008

Chuck E. Cheese

We had been promising Bricen since Sunday January 27th that we would take him to Chuck E. Cheese. Albert got sick on Sunday afternoon so we didn't get to go. He was really disappointed. He wanted me to take him without daddy but the purpose of us taking him was so daddy could do something fun with him since he would be doing fire training for the next 5 weekends and wouldn't get to spend a lot of time with Bricen. So I talked him into going to the movie store and getting him a movie and then we went to Wendy's. When Bricen picks out a movie at the movie store usually they are same ones we already own and have at home. I guess when he sees a good movie he likes to watch it over and over again. We promised him we would go that week. Well as the week went on I got sick and we were unable to go. So we took him Wednesday night and we didn't tell him until right before we went that we were going incase something else would happen to keep us from going. We had a very good time. We got there and there were more people there than I would have thought on a Wednesday evening. Needless to say we were there with some of Gastonia's finest people. LOL. I sat and watched people as I love to do and thanked the Lord that we are some what decent.
Bricen has lot of pictures and they weren't from our camera. He rode in Chuck E. Cheese's car and has lot of pictures to show how much fun he had. I never mind going there. I love the food!