Sunday, February 17, 2008

Monster Truck Jam

We decided at the last minute that we would take Bricen to the Monster Truck Jam. We had talked about it but Albert has been in fire training on the weekends and he doesn't get out of class until 5:00 so we knew we would be pushing time to get there. So we decided to Friday night to get tickets and go. We didn't tell Bricen. We wanted it to be a surprise. So while Albert was on his way home from class I was at home getting us ready to go for a ride. Albert got home got a shower and we told Bricen we were going for a ride. We went to Burger King and got food to go and we ate on the way to Charlotte. We then told Bricen we were going to catch a train. We went and got on the lite rail at 485. It was a great idea but everyone else had the same one. Parking is $10 at the arena and parking spaces are hard to find and you have to walk along way. It only cost $5.20 for round trip. Bricen loved being able to ride he thought it was cool. We were on the train and he still did not know where we were going. We got to the arena and they made an announcement Monster Truck Jam is sold out. I wish you could have seen his face. He said Monster Trucks. So we didn't really say anything else and we went to will call and got our tickets and headed inside. He got to hear one crank up while we were going to our seats and we stopped at one of the entrances for him to see the trucks and his little face showed how excited he was. We went to our seats and we had a great time. It was loud but we took ear protection Bricen and he had a ball. We got him a Grave Digger shirt and he had to put it on right then. He told us he would wear it a lot. After the show we meet up with Derrick, April, Champ and Chloe and we rode the train back to the car with them. Again it was packed. We got back and put Bricen in his pjs and he fell asleep on the way home after he told us thank you that he had a good time. He is so sweet and we had a great evening! It was worth seeing his little face!