Thursday, January 17, 2008


Well everyone here in the South rain to the store and got there bread and milk for the big one. LOL! I am guilty myself only because we needed milk and bread. Ha. My boys drink me out of house and home when it comes to milk and Albert takes sandwiches for lunch everyday. I was afraid the shelves would get low and I wouldnt be able to get what I needed so I headed for the store yesterday morning.

Amy and I went out to dinner last night and then headed over to April's house to hang out and for Amy to look at some of Chloe's clothes for Marli. Well we didnt leave from April's house until about 11:40. Then we had to go to Lake Wylie for Amy to get gas and then she dropped me off about 12:15 AM back here at my house and she headed home. With this late night outing we really got to see the snow. If we had been at home we would have been asleep and missed it. So I went and woke my big kid up and he got up to see the snow. Then we got in the bed and sleep until Bricen woke up at 6:00 and got in the bed with us. Albert and I got up like two little kids to see what it had done overnight. We did this without Bricen knowing what we were doing so we took turns doing it. We wanted him to go back to sleep and he did until about 7:15. Bricen came in the den and we showed him the snow and he got so excited he wanted to go out and play but we had already had rain so it would have been slushy.

I wanted a few pictures so I we walked out on the front porch for a couple of minutes. You can tell he didnt have his coat on and in one picture he is telling me that he needs to put his coat on that he is cold.

We are going to have a lazy day at home.



Such cute pics of him... shows his wonder and anticipation of the exciting snow...