Sunday, September 23, 2007

Busy Busy Busy!

We have been so busy! I have some catching up to do. Lets go back to last weekend and then we will talk about this week and weekend. Last Friday night we went to Courtneys with some friends for dinner (April and Derrick- their kids were with her parents for the weekend), after dinner we came home and I got all my scrapbook stuff and headed over to April's house to scrap. I wasnt my normally self. I started my diet on Monday Sept 10th and it made me sluggish for about a week trying to get adjusted. So I didnt get as much done as I would have liked. I was home by 12:30. Saturday Bricen and I went shopping to get him some new shoes. That evening we went over to Wes and Amy's for dinner. Sunday we went to church and then Bricen and I took a great long nap while Albert worked on 4-wheelers. After nap time we went over to Wes and Amy's and we rode our 4-wheelers. The guys got KFC for dinner and we came back on so I could eat chicken and veggies. Albert's parents came over to see us and that was our weekend. We had a busy week. Albert had a fire meeting Monday evening, Amy, April and myself went out to dinner Wednesday night and went shopping at Target. We had a great time. Thursday my dad and I had to go to Walmart to get all our stuff for the car show. Then Friday we took Bricen and Champ to the football game. We meet Wes, Amy, Sage and Marli for dinner at the middle school. The band had their BBQ fundraiser. Bricen spent the night with his Gran and Granna ( my parents). I had to get up early Saturday and head to town the set up for the car show. Century 21 had a booth and I was responsible for getting everything together and set up. I left there and had to head straight home. I had Jane coming to do pottery from 10-4. I had 18 moms bring their kids to do pottery. Everyone had a 20 minute appointment. I am so excited about all the stuff and I can't wait to get it back! After everyone left Bricen and I picked up and took a deep breath. We headed over to Amy's to eat supper and let the boys play. Wes and Albert had been riding 4-wheelers all day and I had fixed a crock-pot of chili beans so we had a nice evening. Once the guys got home we came home. We got up this morning and Bricen didnt get to go to church since he has a bad runny nose and cough. He was very upset he had to miss church. I left the boys at home and went. After I got home from church we ate lunch and then the boys got to take a nap. I had a house warming party for a client and then a drop in at the church for the new intern and his wife and the missionaries that are here from Mexico. After I got home I cooked supper and we had a nice evening at home. Have a great week!


Amy's Journal

we had fun!!!! the boys are funny together. even when they are hitting. ha ha i meant to tell you sage loved that play ground at tweetsie LOVED IT.. its very nice.. we need to do the park soon.. while pretty weather..