Saturday, October 13, 2007

Catch up and Weekend away!

We have been so busy! Last weekend we went to see Thomas the train at the N.C. Transportation Museum! Bricen had a blast. We went with April, Chloe, Donette and Rylan. We went to Concord Mills on the way home and got dinner at KFC/Taco Bell drive through. We have had such a busy week.
Yesterday was my birthday! I was 27 years old! We came to Georgia for the weekend. Wes, Amy, Albert and I. We are at Broad River ATV. We roasted hotdogs for supper and enjoyed hanging out and talking without yelling at kids. Albert has set up his inclosed trailer like a camper. It has heat and air. So we slept in there last night. Pressley came down for the day and we have had so much fun. We left the kids at home with the grandparents. We never get to do this and we are having so much fun. We slept late, ate breakfast and headed off for a nice ride. Then we came back for lunch. After lunch Amy and I took a nice nap. The guys headed off for some guy time and they came back covered in MUD. They picked us up and we rode with them rather than driving ourselves. We are back at the trailer and Amy and I are about to go get showers. Then we will enjoy our chili that we have in the crockpot and play some games while we relax. More to come of our great weekend!