Saturday, August 25, 2007


I am so far behind on Bricen's scrapbook that the girls are starting to get together again to play catch up! I got Pizza for supper and the boys a movie. We ate dinner, I bathed Bricen and off to April's I went. It felt good to have a little bit of time doing something that I LOVE! I got to her house aroun 8:00 and her house was wide open. They had 4 little boys spending the night and they had been in the pool and they were having a Panther's Party. They were all so cute. We were upstairs with the door shut and every once in awhile 1 or 2 of them would pop their heads in to tell us about the game or to tell Mrs. April that she needed to handle something. We sat behind the closed door and laughed at Derrick getting control over 5 little boys. It was very cute! One day we will be having sleepovers and I can't wait!
As April and I sat around and chatted Donette reminded us she had already completed a page. So we got busy. Before long she had to leave to get her Rylan to bed. I picked up the pace and got 21 pages done. Before going home I got to enjoy some birthday cake ice cream which is now my new favorite!!! I walked in the door at 1:30 this morning. Sometimes the things that moms want to do you have to make a scarafice for. I hope one day Bricen will enjoy looking back at his scrapbooks thinking about how much time I put into them and thats what I did with my time when I got away.