Saturday, August 25, 2007

Lazy Day!

We have been so lazy today. We hung out around the house all morning. I picked up the house, Bricen played and Albert worked on the 4-wheeler. Bricen and I went to Hailey and Carter Jackson's birthday party at Bethelwoods. We ate hotdogs for lunch and had cake! They opened up their birthday presents. Bricen and I had to leave early. Albert wanted to take Bricen to the mud bog in Gaffney so Bricen had to have a nap and I had a baby shower to go to. Bricen fell asleep on the way home and when I tried to carry him in he woke up. Albert tried to get him to go back to sleep but he never would. The deal was he had to take a nap to go see the 4-wheelers play in the mud. Needless to say they just hung out around the house. I went to the baby shower and came home. Bricen was suppose to have spent the night at my parents and Albert and I were going to go out but after the afternoon Bricen had with a 10 minute nap he wasnt minding to well and Albert and I were both tired. I had 4 hours of sleep since I chose to scrapbook last night and my husband blames me for him being tired. He tries to wait up on me when I am out late. So we stayed home tonight and Bricen was in bed asleep by 8:00. Since the time changed in the spring his bedtime has been 9:00 but with a 10 minute nap he was out when the lights went out. So I am heading off to get ready to go to bed myself!