Sunday, August 19, 2007

Monster Bash!

We have had a great weekend! Bricen loves monster trucks and we got to take him to Charlotte to the dirt track to see the monster trucks last night. Wes, Amy, Sage, Troy, Jessica, Payton, Albert, Bricen and I all went. We got to go in to the Pit Party at 4:00 to take pictures with all the trucks. We wanted to get autographs but the line was really long and it was really HOT. So with the boys being the age they are they could careless. So we didnt get autographs. The boys had a blast. At first it was a little overwhelming for Bricen. His eyes were so big at first. I don't think he understood why those trucks looked so big in real life. He is use to watching them on TV and real life is nothing like the little trucks he plays with here at home. Bricen has loved monster trucks for sometime and we were really excited to get to take him to see them. It was a little warm but we didnt let the hot weather get us down.

After the pit party we went back to the truck and grilled hotdogs and had lots of other stuff to go with them. The boys had fun playing with their little monster trucks while we ate dinner and relaxed before the show.

We entered the gate a little before 7:00 and if you could have seen the eyes of those three little boys it would have melted your heart. -We get so caught up in our everyday living and we rush around so much but times like this make everything we work so hard for wonderful!

We had a great time watching the monster trucks and the crash cars race around the track. We took lots of pictures and we will remember it for a long time. Bricen tuckered out around 11:00 during the last truck. I think this was the first time Bricen has been up that late. Especially with only a 30 minute nap on the way. As we were leaving I saw the driver for the Avenger down along the fence talking with a few people so I ran over and to see if I could get an autograph and he had already turned to walk away so I yelled at him and he turned around and came back and signed a poster for Bricen. That was exciting for him to have a keepsake.

We got to the truck and changed him so he would be ready to go to bed once we got home and he woke up as Albert was putting him into his carseat. He went to crying he wanted to go see more trucks. He didnt understand they were over. He thought because he fell asleep we were leaving. As we were leaving the parking lot he was telling the truck night night. He feel back asleep once we got back on the interstate and we carried him in an put him to bed. He woke up at 5:30 AM crying to see more monster trucks. Needless to say this was a night he will long to remember. Daddy has promised we will go back!