Monday, March 9, 2009


Albert started tearing our house apart the first of January and then he seperated his shoulder by being a big kid and was out of work and out of doing anything for 3 weeks. He was working on Bricen's room when he was injured. I have a few pictures to post of how the remodeling is coming along. Bricen is back in his room. He picked out his favorite color- blue and Albert scraped the popcorn off the ceiling and put down new baseboard and put up new crown molding. He also got a new fan and Albert put a new closet organizer in that has given us so much more organization in his closet. We are also changing out the doors in our house. I have a picture of that as well.
Our room will hopefully be finished tonight. Albert has been working hard on getting our room done. We have all our furniture in the nursery which has NOT been done yet. He scraped all the popcorn off our ceiling. Our ceiling had been painted from the previous owners and it made it extra hard to get it looking good. He added some crown molding in the tray ceiling and new baseboard. Albert wanted to paint the room green and I picked out the color. He doesn't really care for the color but I like it. I have a picture of what it looks like right now and I will post more as we progress through the week. He has until next Tuesday to get my house back in order since we will be going to the hospital on Wednesday to have this baby.
He hopes to start the nursery tomorrow!


Bette Anne

Okay, I LOVE the new doors and Albert is quite the handyman I see! We are doing some minor paint changes in our soon to be new place, but nothing that major... Everything looks great, and I love your paint choices... Here's hoping he gets everything done for the nursery in time! ;)