Friday, April 11, 2008

Out of a mouth of a 3 year old!

I am behind but I wanted to post two things that Bricen said this week that was sweet and funny.

Yesterday my mom went to visit a lady in our church and they took her a pie for her birthday. Bricen loves to sing so he was singing Happy Birthday to her. He sang Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you- He stopped and held up two fingers and said you have two barns? He was looking out her window and saw them while singing. My mom said it was the funniest thing and they couldn't get him to finish singing once he saw the barns. He wanted to know where her tractor was and he wanted to talk about her farm and the birthday didn't matter anymore.

Then last night I was putting Bricen to bed and he gave me a big hug and he said I love you mommy, your my hero. I thought that was the sweetest thing. I don't know where he has picked that up but he melted my heart!

I love that kid. He is the sweetest thing. He has the best personality and he is very loving to everyone. Just out of the middle of know where he will just say mommy- I love you or daddy- I love you.

On a side note. I went with my mom to take Bricen and my two nephews to the park today. My nephews are 4 and almost 2 and Bricen just turned two. So they are great stepping stones. 4,3,2 well I wish you could have seen the people looking at us and there was two ladies that really thought I was crazy. They were looking and talking about us in another language so we couldnt understand but by the look on their faces they were wondering if I knew how to stop. My mom laughed she said yeah they know I am to old to have children this young. Just had to share because it was rather funny and to others they thought I had lost my mind. If they only knew Bricen is an only child and I hope soon that will change if I can get my husband talked into it!

I will be posting about Bricen's birthday soon!


Amy's Journal

I still crack at Sage's comments all the time. they stil shock me.. Like my hiney is hungry its eating my jockies.. Where do they pick it up. That was cute! Sage tells me I am purdy.. I don't care if it is from a 3 yr old it still makes you feel good.. He told me He likes the paint job that Alicia did on my hair. LoL.. gotta love the mouths of 3 yr olds.