Monday, April 28, 2008

Guys Weekend + a few girls!

Guys Weekend! Albert went on a guys weekend, weekend before last. They left on Thursday morning and they went to West Virginia riding. Needless to say he was in need of some guy time and I needed sometime without him. LOL Bricen and I had a great time keeping ourselves busy. On Thursday evening Amy, Sage, Marli, Jessica, Payton and Georgia came over for supper and the kids had a ball playing. On Friday night the moms had a night out. We shipped the kids off to the grandparents houses. We went to Gaffney shopping and to dinner and we were rebels we stayed out a little late. We stayed at Fats until 11:30 PM. We had a great time and Amy and I came back to our house and stayed up talking and looking at pictures. Bricen stayed at his Nona and Papa's until lunch time on Saturday. We rushed home for a quick nap and off we went to Walter and Wyatt's birthday party. After the party we headed over to Amy's to eat dinner and have a sleepover. We got up on Sunday morning headed home, got ready and headed to Sunday School and Church. After church we ate lunch and headed to Rock Hill for the picture party. Albert got home mid-afternoon and we had a great evening spending time as a family. We all had a great busy and tiring weekend and we were all so happy to be home and back to normal.