Saturday, October 27, 2007


I just love this time of year! We have been so busy that I haven't gotten to blog a whole lot. So I am going to catch us up to the present. We had Bricen's soccer game Thursday night the 18th and as always it was so funny. Sage and Bricen would really be into the game and then they would be running around chasing each other. We have to reming ourselves they are just 2 and learning. This has been a good experience for Bricen. Hopefully by next year he will be a little more attentive. Friday afternoon Bricen and I ran around getting ready everything we needed for his Halloween party that we were having on Saturday. Saturday we got up and cleaned the house and we had Bricen's annual Halloween party from 3-5 PM. We had invited around 60 kids. Isn't that crazy? We only had about 25 come. We missed all our friends who didnt get to come but we had a lot of fun with the ones who came! Bricen would not dress up. I don't think he got his nap out and when he got up he was for sure not putting on his tiger costume. Which aggrevated me to death. I got over it!
After the party Amy was here to help me clean up while the kids enjoyed playing. Albert and Wes found a reason they needed to leave so they got back here around 7 and we had hotdogs for supper. The boys enjoyed playing while Marli took nap. We were all ready for bedtime. Sunday we went to church and then to Christopher's for lunch and then home for a good nap! After nap time Bricen and I went to Pineville shopping while Albert went to a church meeting.
This past week was a busy work week. We went to Wes and Amy's last night for pizza and the boys had so much fun playing. They are learning to play with each other with out fighting. Yes they didn't fight at all. We got home at 12:00 this morning. I was really surprised that my husband stayed out that late with Bricen but he was still going strong until we left. Then the crying started over everything. We went straight to bed when we got home and slept until 8:00. Bricen had a soccer game at 9:00 on the other side of York so we had to hurry. We came back home after the soccer game and while the boys ran errands I picked up from the mornings rush. They brought back Wendy's and after lunch Bricen and I took a nap while Albert worked on a 4-wheeler. Thats the story of his life. Always working on his or someone else's 4-wheeler. Now the boys have gone to the part start to get another part for the 4-wheeler.
I have not gotten one picture of Bricen in his tiger costume so that is my goal this afternoon once they get back. I normally send out a halloween card with his picture and I have been so busy I havent gotten that done. I hope to do that today and send my pictures to Target to the one hour photo center and we will go and pick them up tonight. My parents are going to keep Bricen tonight so Albert and I can go out on a date. Well that catches me up for the past 2 weeks. Pictures will hopefully follow soon.