Monday, September 22, 2008

A little catching up!

We have been busy. We have been enjoying Friday night football. Albert and I went to Georgia last weekend four-wheeling and we had some friends that came on Saturday to ride with us. We had a great time and Albert and I were both down that we left Bricen at home so we packed up and came home Saturday night. We picked him up from his Papa and Nona's on Sunday morning. It was nice for Albert and I to have a little time away. Albert took me to my favorite resturant California Dreaming on Friday night on our way to Georgia. Albert bought a back seat for the Rhino for Bricen to ride and it has a harness seatbelt just like his carseat but I just wasn't ready for him to go start riding the trails. I guess he is old enough since he will be buckled up and wearing a helmet and the trails are not bad.
Bricen has been playing soccer. He has a great time running around. Not so sure he knows exactly what is going on but it's never to young to learn. I will post some pictures of him in his uniform. They are all so cute.
Bricen had his first experience this weekend with strep throat. He started not feeling well on Saturday and he was complaining with is throat hurting and since my nephew had strep on Thursday and they had been together on Wednesday I decided to go on and take him to the Dr. I went to the Minute Clinic at CVS and it was great. We were in and out with medicine in our hands in 25 minute. He is doing much better and we are praying no one else gets sick.
I have had several Dr.appointments since I last blogged and everything is going great. I was 13 weeks this past weekend. It sure is flying by. My blood pressure is great and I am praying it stays that way. With Bricen it was already high and I was already taking medicine. I go Wednesday for an ultrasound so that will be exciting! Dr. Peach promised me last Wednesday that he would not let me go over March 29th!!! I was tickled with that news. Bricen's birthday is April 2 and I would love NOT to have them on the same day. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying this cooler weather as much as we are. Take care!