Monday, July 7, 2008

Our July 4th weekend sure went out with a BANG!

Bricen and I went with my parents, grandparents and my great aunt to Boone on Thursday. My aunt, uncle and two cousins were already there. We got there for lunch on Thursday. Bricen took his nap and GeorgeAnna, Ellen and I went shopping. We got back later that afternoon. We had a great dinner for my grandparents 56th anniversary. We headed home on Friday morning. We had a great time!
We had supper at home on Friday the 4th and then Albert, Bricen, GeorgeAnna, Ellen and I went to Lake Wylie to see the fireworks. Albert was a fireman that night so we got a front row seat to the fireworks and it was great. We had a great time.
Saturday afternoon we went to PawPaw Neil's house (Amy's dad). Bricen is calling him PawPaw Neil now. We had a cookout and a waterslide for the kids. Bricen had a great time and he was wore out.
We woke up on Sunday morning and someone has stolen one of our 4-wheelers that we had chained up in our yard for sale. They have been there since the end of May and havent been touched and they took it out of our yard while we were sleeping. $6,800 gone and we will probably not see it again. Homeowners insurance won't cover it. If you want to learn a lesson from this check your policy and make sure it covers everything you need for it to. We are re-evaluating our policy and making changes and adding more insurance. We have a lot in our yard that isn't covered. If you want to know the truth insurance is crazy. It's ours and in our yard but won't cover it. We have been very upset and what upsets me the most we were home asleep.
Hope everyone had a great and safe 4th!


Amy's Journal

Glad you had a great weekend this weeked.. except for the 4-wheeler and glad its covered.. a praise right???


Glad you had a fun fourth... I love that pic of you and Bricen! It's sooo cute! :)