Monday, July 21, 2008

Bricen is potty trained!

I couldn't wait for Bricen to be potty trained but he was not ready until he had his mind set on doing it. I bought Mack the truck from Cars and put it up on top of the frigerator and we told him when he was potty trained he could get it. With Bricen going to preschool and my moms we waited until school was out so there wouldn't be so many people involved with trying to get him potty trained. So the first week he was out of school we started. Monday June 3 we started and it went great. It didn't take long and he had it down pat. He had about 2 accidents that week and I knew it was a great idea to wait. He had his mind set to do it and he did. So he got his Mack truck and he has been doing great ever since. I said potty training was the worst thing I had to get him to do and once he figured it out it didn't take but a few days. He wears big boy underwear all the time now. He doesn't even have accidents at night!


Amy's Journal

Good for you Bricen! Sage pretty much trained himself after Marli was born so it made it to easy on us.. So Marli will probably be our late one and our bed wetter.. lol you save so much money on not buying diapers its amazing..


Yay for Bricen!!! And yay for Mommy!!