Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

We have had a great Father's Day weekend! We went to Ebenezer Park in Rock Hill camping. We left Friday evening after work and headed right down the road to our destination. It was great not going far. We got there and set everything up. We camp in our enclosed trailer that we normally haul our 4-wheelers and Rhino in. Once we get where we are camping we roll the stuff out and we set up camp. It's a great set-up. We have heat and air and we have a lot of great stuff that makes camping great. (Cots, Microwave, Crock-pot, refridgerator, portable grill etc.)The only thing we don't have is a bathroom and I would love to have one of those so we don't have to use the bathhouse. Hopefully before long we will be able to upgrade and get a small toy camper or small RV that we can pull a trailer behind with our Rhino. I know you are thing whats the use in going camp if you have everything you have at home. Here it is..... FAMILY QUALITY TIME! I love it! We get to spend time together and relax all at the same time.
We went with some friends Derrick and April Gillespie and their two kids Champ and Chloe. The kids were great and for the most part we stayed around our campsite for the majority of the trip. Albert, Bricen and I had to go to a family reunion on Saturday for lunch so we left for a few hours.
There was a lot for the kids to do. Swim in the lake, they have a playground, we rode our Rhino and what they did the most you aren't going to believe. We took two monster trucks, 2 4-wheelers and 1 Ford truck with a trailer and they played with that the whole weekend along with some rocks and leaves. You would not believe how entertained they were. I think there was a conversation about how we needed to go home and clean out since they were so entertained with so little.
We had a very laid back relaxing weekend. Something about sitting around a campfire you get so relaxed.
We came home today and I got everything put up and we all took a shower in our nice clean bathroom and we all took a great nap. One of my favorite Sunday afternoon rituals.
I cooked Albert a nice Father's Day supper and we watched the movie RV. Bricen loved it. He thought it was as funny as Albert and I did. He is a great movie watcher. It doesn't have to be a cartoon for him to watch it.
As we were all on the couch Albert said, " I had a great Father's Day weekend spending time with my family away from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life."

I will post pictures of the cute plate that Bricen made for Albert for Father's Day! He also got a refrigerator for the 4-wheeler trailer and a shirt that is smaller than all the rest of his shirts. He lost a lot of weight and he hasn't gone shopping so everything is still so big. He has lost 2 sizes and he looks great. I wonder what he will get for his birthday? Um..... Clothes that fit? Well I think thats a great idea.

Happy Father's Day!