Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Back to dieting!

I guess I will spend the rest of my life dieting but I am excited to know that one day I will be skinny again. There is hope that one day it won't matter how big I will be because GOD wont care. LOL I started yesterday and I am determined. Those are my famous words started a diet yesterday and I am determined. I am doing no carbs for a month and then adding them back in a new way. After this month is up I will be eating a lot healthier. Not as many carbs and better carbs like whole wheat breads. I know no carb diets are not good for the average person but I have IBS and carbs do not agree with my body and I have been praying really hard with my weight issue and I had a horrible weekend and I knew he was speaking to me through that so I would start my diet yesterday with no looking back. So I have faith that he is going to help me throught this and hopefully I can come out a winner! Please add me to your prayers that I can accomplish this. You know the prayer: Lord if I can't be skinny please make my friends fat. So if you are skinny and you want to stay that way pray that I will have will power and I can get this weight off.


Amy's Journal

Good luck.. I will pray for you and if your and alberts bet is still on I really really hope so cause I am ready for another Krashner baby!!! Noone in our little group of friends is prego and its sad.. but hey the bright side is to having them this far apart you wont have 2 in the same school.. marli and sage are gonna break us being in high school and college at the same time. ha ha year books.. etc..